From HK to the UK, we continue our baking journey with our vision: sharing love and happiness through our delicious and creative pastries. We hope that our desserts could light up customers’ life and warm their hearts like the effulgent sunshine.

We specialise in making Japanese and Korean style cream cakes, bespoke cakes with customised fondant and cream decorations, as well as french pastries including macarons, madeleines and tarts.


E & F Handmade which was originally based in HK, was established in 2015. We sold our handmade wooden and fabric products. In 2021, we relocated our base to UK and would like to inspire people the art of living with high quality designed homeware. “Made in Japan” actually is a brand that fulfills our values. As a result, E & F Living Concept which is an online store, was then set up selling MIJ homeware and our handmade products.